Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Want to upload your favourite files to shaer with outhers even without paying? Yes, there is solutions. Just register @

Its FILELODGE. A true lodge for your files. May it be light or huge, they lodge your files.
File Lodge is a free file hosting provider especially designed to look after you and your files. They offer a huge 500MB of file storage and support almost all file extensions, such as jpg, gif, mpg, avi, wmv, doc, pdf, mp3 etc. Bandwidth is unlimited.

What is a file host? A file host is a website that allows you to upload files to its servers, you are then provided with links for you to post on your favourite forums / webpages / blogs / auctions / in emails, anywhere you wish!

Perfect for sharing photos/images, music, and video with friends and family. They also provide hyperlinks of the uploaded files too. This allows you to quickly and easily get your files live wherever you are using them.A detailed FAQ is availabe in the site and if your questions remain un-answered, you can email them too.

Here, in this blog I used their services to host some of the pdf files for downloads. [But still I am reviewing the site and their services.]


Mazhayude Nanartham can be translated in English as Synonyms of Rain.
Mazha - thats the most nostalgic word in Malayalam. How many mazhas do you know? Perumazha, podimazha, chattalmazha, etc. Local names are numerous. How many songs are there about Mazha in Malayalam? Impossible to count. Almost all the poets described mazha in their works.
The poem Mazhayude Nanartham, written by Sachidanandan is the notable one about mazha. Wide range of metophers and similies are used abundantly in this poem. After completely read this poem, you will feel that you are wet in a rain. You will feel its cold. Read. Download the Pdf file. To download the file, just right click and choose 'Save Link as' and show a location to save. Enjoy. Have a nice time.


Rajalakshmi (1930-3965) Born on 2nd June 1930, Amayankod family at Cherpulassery, Palakkad. Father Mararth Achutha Menon. Mother Kutty Malu Amma. She committed suicide on on 18th January 1965. As a notable writer she got Kerala Sahithya Academy Award on 1960 for her work “Oru Vazhiyum Kure Nizhalukalum”. Here is her famous poem “Ninne Njan Snehikkunnu”

Friday, October 20, 2006


Do these crazy characters say something? Can you ever imagine that I have such patience in keying in such crazy characters to form such a self portrait? Probably no. Then how did I create it? There is some online software to convert an image to ASCII formatted text! All you need to do is to create a 60 x 50 pixel file and upload to the following site:
It will transform the image to ASCII text. Wanna try?