Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to access internet so cheap?

In one of my previous post, I have written something about a cost-effective method to access internet via GPRS. Many people use it in their own mobiles and rarely in their computers. To use internet through GPRS in computers with MS Windows platform, one has to install third party programme to access the GPRS Modem inside your mobile phone. (For Nokia phone, users has to install Nokia PC Suit.) But in GNU/Linux systems, all you need to install a tiny dialler programme named "wvdial". In this post I'm explaining how to access internet with TATA.DOCOMO.GPRS PREPAID DATA.PLAN in SAMSUNG C-5212 Model phone.

Required items
  1. Tata Docomo is the cheapest GPRS pack
  2. Samsung C-5212 model is the cheapest phone having GPRS MultiSClass 10
  3. Note: Samsung C-5212 supports upto GPRS MultiSClass 10. Nokia E Series phones has GPRS MultiSClass 32. These phones has capability to upload and download with higher speeds. Eg. for voice chatting you need to have a GPRS MultiSClass32 phone. Otherwise the other party cannot hear clearly. Other Nokia phones with GPRS MultiSClass 32 are : Nokia 2700 | Nokia X2 | Nokia C2 | Nokia X2 | Nokia C3 | Nokia C5 | Nokia X3 | Nokia X5 | Nokia C6 | Nokia E72 | Nokia 6303i | Nokia E61i | Nokia E90 | Nokia E65 | Nokia E51 etc.
  4. Computer having GNU/Linux OS
  5. the package named "wvdial" must be installed
  6. Notes: To install wvdial, just go to the terminal and give the following command sudo apt-get install wvdial
  7. The phone must have the usb cable. Connect the phone with computer with USB Cable.

Check which SIM is default
SIM Cards ManagementSettings > SIM Cards Management. Which SIM do you want to use as GPRS Mode, make it default. Because wvdial direcly seek the default SIM to find GPRS modem.
Browser profiles6. Application settings > 5. Browser > 9. Browser profiles. You can see lots of profiles are listed in there. Select a profile
Browser profiles in detailClick on the active profile you set for GPRS modem. In my case it is TATA DOCOMO INTERNET. The following sub sections are there
2. HOME url
3. BearerGPRS Only
4. Proxyoff
5. GPRS SettingsDNS1:
User id: empty
password: empty

Why I explained all the details about the browser profile, is for a clear understanding on how it works. Generally you need not to care much about it. All the configurations will be done automatically when you receive the configuration sms from your mobile service provider.

Follow the following steps
  1. Execute the code in your phone *2767*927#
  2. Please wait during the lsave wap reset E2P wap reset This will reset all the browser profiles from your phone.
  3. Execute the code in your phone *#4777*8665#
  4. Select EGPRS MultiSClass > Select MultiSClass 10  GPRS Setting > EGPRS Mode
Almost preparations done. Now just call Tata Docomo Customer care centre 121
When the IVR Menu comes press in the following order
3 for Wifi, internet
2 for Internet, DIVE-IN
1 for  Internet on mobile
2 for Internet settings
1 for  SMS Settings
After you pressed the last digit you will be informed that an sms will be sent to your mobile shortly.
When the SMS reaches your mobile, please install it.

Preparations are ready. Now start on. Connect your mobile to PC through the USB Cable.

In the terminal, type the following command
and then edit the wvdial.conf file
nano /etc/wvdial.conf

The following lines has to add in /etc/wvdial.conf

Phone = *99*#
Password = internet
Username = internet
Baud = 57600
stupid mode = 1

Preparations in the computer also is finished. Now start on your internet by the following command



nirav said...

thanks dear.

hackingtom said...

Dear nirav,
When I posted this, situations were really great. But now I am not so happy with the speed or bandwidth of Tata Docomo GPRS. From 2012 January 22 onwards, TATA Docomo mobile phones refuses to connect as UMTS network mode unless you are choosing a 3G plan. If you do not use a 3G plan you can only connect as GSM network mode. Ideally UMTS is not necessary for using EDGE. As you know 3G plan is too much expensive. Thats why I choose a packet data plan. But the fact is that, now I am not getting the speed what EDGE promises to me. I am getting only 2-5 kbps instead of 22.2 kbps presently. Previously I got a stable speed of 15-25 kbps. Lots of Docomo users in Kerala are frustrated and looking for another operators. Unfortunately I could not find some other service providers. Or lets wait until 3G plans get downwards as economic as everyone is able to afford it!

indianist said...

I am having tata docomo sim card past 9 months, recently i am having balance reduce problem and i phoned to TATA DOCOMO Customer care numbers for 6 to 7 times but their is no response they are simply saying "the service is deactivated within 24 hours" but the problem is not solved till now pls stop the service my no is 77371121589... Pls deacctivate the service

hackingtom said...

@indianist. In my previous comment I have clearly stated that TATA DOCOMO GPRS / EDGE service is no longer faster. Once I was happy with DOCOMO's customer care, but not now. Anyhow this post is not related with such subject. And as your problem is not related with speed or convenience I consider this comment off-topic.