Saturday, August 06, 2011

Annoying mobile spamming

Most of mobile phone users face the irritating spam phone calls. How we can get rid of such annoying phone calls. Spam call are many types
1. Robo calls
2. Phishing calls
3. Rings and hangs
4. Call back spam
5. Spam text message
6. Spam voice message
  1. What's a ROBO Call?
  2. Robo calls are the most common form of spam. It calls you directly and immediately after you take the call you will hear the recorded voice "Hi How are you, why did't you took the phone when I called last time? I call you now to tell that this is the last chance to get one glass of water free with two porotas + one kuruma curry, hurry this offer is only for one day. byeeee" Cut. Well that was a typical example of a robo call.
  3. Ok, sir, then what's a phishing Call?
  4. You may have already know what is phishing in internet. In a few words, it is impersonation. Somebody calls you in the name of a reputed company like google, ebay or paypal etc. or even your banker and convey that there is a problem with your account. To fix the issue you have to call to verify the basic data about you. With this data they may be equipped to break your account and they will get control over your account. Hows the trick, yar?
  5. So, what do you mean by "Rings and hangs" then?
  6. Simple. You get a missed call. From a same number. Several times you get same call missed. Obviously you may call back to that number. Then you get a message that "Wow, you are selected a price worth Rs. 50,000/- And call to a particular number for further details. Goodbye". What will you do? You start calling that number instantly. You will never know the number you dialled was a paid number and you have to pay Rs. 50/- per minute. In order to receive a false offer to get Rs. 50,000/-, you have to foolishly spend Rs. 500/- or more!
So what you can do against this?
Just share such frauds with others in the internet fraternity.
Or just share it through your own blog as I did in this blog!
Never take the phone when a fraud call come to your phone in the second time. First time you probably may not know whether the call is genuine or not. So once you identified a fraud number never take it in the next time. There are lots of effective methods to put an end these annoying phone calls. Join in the National Do Not Disturb Registry is the most effective method. But choosing this you cannot identify the spammers' numbers. Use your own phones Reject List. Most of the modern phones has such a feature like Reject List. Find out your own phones RL feature. And publish that numbers to the net.
Here I am publishing a list of numbers which fetched from my handset. Most of them are came through Tata Docomo Mobile Service Provider from Kerala Circle in India. All these spam calls are Robo Calls offering many services like caller tunes, song download etc.

Reject List as shown in Samsung C-5212 Mobile
   1. +918891255013
   2. +918891255031
   3. +914772251697
   4. +918891255024
   5. +914067309330
   6. +918891255028
   7. +918891255017
   8. +911402015009
   9. +917002019000
  10. +918714155064
  11. +918714155065
  12. +918714155067
  13. +918714155063
  14. +913366064950
  15. +918714155062
  16. +913366064890
  17. +913366065130
  18. +917736355056
  19. +917736355057
  20. +917736355058
  21. +914067305210
  22. +914067305330
  23. +917736355061