Saturday, June 03, 2006


Network security is a complicated subject, historically only tackled by well-trained and experienced experts. However, as more and more people become digital, an increasing number of people need to understand the basics of security in a networked world. This document was written with the basic computer user and information systems manager in mind, explaining the concepts needed to read through the hype in the marketplace and understand risks and how to deal with them.

Most of the common people are not aware about even some simple security measures. They haven’t even heard about it! Most of the people today have a user id and a valid password to open their own emails (mostly free email ids.) Do we really think about its security matters ever? When you open your inbox, or when you chat with an IM program like yahoo or MSN, or when you type your credit card details in an input text field of a particular site to buy something... Your privacy, your security... sometimes security and privacy both gets in danger. You are watched. You are always watched. Always. You hit by a dragon hacker. You die. But you still don’t know that. You are already a dead man. But the matter is you are not aware about it yet.

You may have some simple instructions from this blogspot. It gives you some simple precautions to the right way towards uncompromised security (Oh! Not that! I can only give you some simple instructions only; the rest is your destiny!) Which site you can trust... and what browser you can fearlessly use and what browser you have to avoid. What precautions you have to take when you get into a Wi-fi network.

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You will be interested to know who am I.

Networking Security Wizard? Not at all. I just want to share the security issues I encounter day-to-day in my life. See, one day one of my friends told me that he can sniff any messages through the router which I am using and get into our privacy. But I didn’t believe that for the first time. So he gave me a tiny application which was developed under GNU Public. I experienced the reality very soon. That nothing is safe in electronic communication. Especially your privacy. You are being watched. Even in this very moment. But you will never know that. I wanted to tell about it to my friends and colleagues. But nobody found interested. Then I decided to start a blog to express my own experiences to make others aware about it.

Hacking and Security Precautions

Hacking and security. The main issue a digital being suffer today. I am going to write something about this issue in this blogspot in the coming days. Just wait for it....