Friday, May 08, 2009

Administrative privilege in DOS in Windows XP

There are two simple methods to get administrator access in DOS shell in Windows XP. Both methods are too simple and there is no confusions or complications in it. Quite simple. Here is the steps

Method 1

1. Start -> run -> type "cmd"
[DOS shell comes]
2. Type the following
runas /user:computername\administrative user name cmd
eg: if computer name is "system1" and administrative user name is "administrator" then the command will be
runas /user:system1\administrator cmd
[a new DOS Shell will appear and you can execute your administrative tasks]
;-) Too simple, eh?

Method 2

[May be you'll laugh when you read out this one!]
1. Go to c:\WINDOWS\system32\
[click on the "Show the contents of this folder"]
2. RIght-click on cmd.exe and select "Run as..."
[Give administrator user name and password]
Too too tooo simple... ;-) ...?