Saturday, August 06, 2011

Annoying mobile spamming

Most of mobile phone users face the irritating spam phone calls. How we can get rid of such annoying phone calls. Spam call are many types
1. Robo calls
2. Phishing calls
3. Rings and hangs
4. Call back spam
5. Spam text message
6. Spam voice message
  1. What's a ROBO Call?
  2. Robo calls are the most common form of spam. It calls you directly and immediately after you take the call you will hear the recorded voice "Hi How are you, why did't you took the phone when I called last time? I call you now to tell that this is the last chance to get one glass of water free with two porotas + one kuruma curry, hurry this offer is only for one day. byeeee" Cut. Well that was a typical example of a robo call.
  3. Ok, sir, then what's a phishing Call?
  4. You may have already know what is phishing in internet. In a few words, it is impersonation. Somebody calls you in the name of a reputed company like google, ebay or paypal etc. or even your banker and convey that there is a problem with your account. To fix the issue you have to call to verify the basic data about you. With this data they may be equipped to break your account and they will get control over your account. Hows the trick, yar?
  5. So, what do you mean by "Rings and hangs" then?
  6. Simple. You get a missed call. From a same number. Several times you get same call missed. Obviously you may call back to that number. Then you get a message that "Wow, you are selected a price worth Rs. 50,000/- And call to a particular number for further details. Goodbye". What will you do? You start calling that number instantly. You will never know the number you dialled was a paid number and you have to pay Rs. 50/- per minute. In order to receive a false offer to get Rs. 50,000/-, you have to foolishly spend Rs. 500/- or more!
So what you can do against this?
Just share such frauds with others in the internet fraternity.
Or just share it through your own blog as I did in this blog!
Never take the phone when a fraud call come to your phone in the second time. First time you probably may not know whether the call is genuine or not. So once you identified a fraud number never take it in the next time. There are lots of effective methods to put an end these annoying phone calls. Join in the National Do Not Disturb Registry is the most effective method. But choosing this you cannot identify the spammers' numbers. Use your own phones Reject List. Most of the modern phones has such a feature like Reject List. Find out your own phones RL feature. And publish that numbers to the net.
Here I am publishing a list of numbers which fetched from my handset. Most of them are came through Tata Docomo Mobile Service Provider from Kerala Circle in India. All these spam calls are Robo Calls offering many services like caller tunes, song download etc.

Reject List as shown in Samsung C-5212 Mobile
   1. +918891255013
   2. +918891255031
   3. +914772251697
   4. +918891255024
   5. +914067309330
   6. +918891255028
   7. +918891255017
   8. +911402015009
   9. +917002019000
  10. +918714155064
  11. +918714155065
  12. +918714155067
  13. +918714155063
  14. +913366064950
  15. +918714155062
  16. +913366064890
  17. +913366065130
  18. +917736355056
  19. +917736355057
  20. +917736355058
  21. +914067305210
  22. +914067305330
  23. +917736355061

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to access internet so cheap?

In one of my previous post, I have written something about a cost-effective method to access internet via GPRS. Many people use it in their own mobiles and rarely in their computers. To use internet through GPRS in computers with MS Windows platform, one has to install third party programme to access the GPRS Modem inside your mobile phone. (For Nokia phone, users has to install Nokia PC Suit.) But in GNU/Linux systems, all you need to install a tiny dialler programme named "wvdial". In this post I'm explaining how to access internet with TATA.DOCOMO.GPRS PREPAID DATA.PLAN in SAMSUNG C-5212 Model phone.

Required items
  1. Tata Docomo is the cheapest GPRS pack
  2. Samsung C-5212 model is the cheapest phone having GPRS MultiSClass 10
  3. Note: Samsung C-5212 supports upto GPRS MultiSClass 10. Nokia E Series phones has GPRS MultiSClass 32. These phones has capability to upload and download with higher speeds. Eg. for voice chatting you need to have a GPRS MultiSClass32 phone. Otherwise the other party cannot hear clearly. Other Nokia phones with GPRS MultiSClass 32 are : Nokia 2700 | Nokia X2 | Nokia C2 | Nokia X2 | Nokia C3 | Nokia C5 | Nokia X3 | Nokia X5 | Nokia C6 | Nokia E72 | Nokia 6303i | Nokia E61i | Nokia E90 | Nokia E65 | Nokia E51 etc.
  4. Computer having GNU/Linux OS
  5. the package named "wvdial" must be installed
  6. Notes: To install wvdial, just go to the terminal and give the following command sudo apt-get install wvdial
  7. The phone must have the usb cable. Connect the phone with computer with USB Cable.

Check which SIM is default
SIM Cards ManagementSettings > SIM Cards Management. Which SIM do you want to use as GPRS Mode, make it default. Because wvdial direcly seek the default SIM to find GPRS modem.
Browser profiles6. Application settings > 5. Browser > 9. Browser profiles. You can see lots of profiles are listed in there. Select a profile
Browser profiles in detailClick on the active profile you set for GPRS modem. In my case it is TATA DOCOMO INTERNET. The following sub sections are there
2. HOME url
3. BearerGPRS Only
4. Proxyoff
5. GPRS SettingsDNS1:
User id: empty
password: empty

Why I explained all the details about the browser profile, is for a clear understanding on how it works. Generally you need not to care much about it. All the configurations will be done automatically when you receive the configuration sms from your mobile service provider.

Follow the following steps
  1. Execute the code in your phone *2767*927#
  2. Please wait during the lsave wap reset E2P wap reset This will reset all the browser profiles from your phone.
  3. Execute the code in your phone *#4777*8665#
  4. Select EGPRS MultiSClass > Select MultiSClass 10  GPRS Setting > EGPRS Mode
Almost preparations done. Now just call Tata Docomo Customer care centre 121
When the IVR Menu comes press in the following order
3 for Wifi, internet
2 for Internet, DIVE-IN
1 for  Internet on mobile
2 for Internet settings
1 for  SMS Settings
After you pressed the last digit you will be informed that an sms will be sent to your mobile shortly.
When the SMS reaches your mobile, please install it.

Preparations are ready. Now start on. Connect your mobile to PC through the USB Cable.

In the terminal, type the following command
and then edit the wvdial.conf file
nano /etc/wvdial.conf

The following lines has to add in /etc/wvdial.conf

Phone = *99*#
Password = internet
Username = internet
Baud = 57600
stupid mode = 1

Preparations in the computer also is finished. Now start on your internet by the following command


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Add contact form in Blogger

For so long, I was searching for a "contact form" gadget in blogger. Very coincidentally I got a clue that there is a method to add a fine contact form in google docs. Here is the step by step info to add the contact form in your blogger.

  1. You must have google docs with your google account
  2. A blog. Or site
Now look at the screenshots and the captions

    Add contact form in blogger
    Step 00: Open your google docs > Create new > Form
    Add contact form in blogger step 01
    Step 01: Define each field such as name, email, message etc
    Add contact form in blogger step 02
    Step 02: Edit the fields by clicking this icon
    Add contact form in blogger step 03
    Step03: Add each fields carefully. Click "Done"
    Add contact form in blogger step 04
    Step04: In More action > Embed
    Add contact form in blogger step 05
    Step05: Copy the embed link
    Add contact form in blogger step 06
    Step06: Now open blogger and create a new page
    Add contact form in blogger step 07
    Step07: In the EDIT HTML paste the embed link
    Add contact form in blogger step 08
    Step08: Check it in the COMPOSE Mode
    Add contact form in blogger step 09
    Step09: Now publish the page
    Add contact form in blogger step 10
    Step10: Go back to Googledocs and open the file
    Add contact form in blogger step 11
    Step11: Set up Tools > Notification rules
    Add contact form in blogger step 12
    Step 12 : In blogger you can reduce the width.

    In this section please tick against "Any changes are made" and "Email right away" after that "Save"
    Yes you have almost set up the Contact form. Now just check yourself whether it is working or not. If everything works well, you will get a notification in your gmail inbox where the googledocs is associated with.